Strathcona House was constructed in 1968 by Marathon Reality Co. Ltd., the non-railway property administration company of Canadian Pacific Railway, on land attached to CPR’s right-of-way across the High Level Bridge and into Old Strathcona.  Marathon walled and roofed the rail line to form a tunnel and constructed Strathcona House directly south of the tunnel (the tunnel and underground parkade sharing a wall).

Read Jone Christoffersen Ltd. were the consulting engineers for the building’s construction.  Given the proximity to the then active rail line, the building was designed and constructed solidly enough to withstand the effects of the train traffic; though the building tenants could still feel the vibrations of passing trains.  Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd. remain the Condominium Association’s consulting engineers and provide the Association with a wealth of information and knowledge about the building.

Strathcona House was constructed as an apartment building.  In the late 1980’s CPR began divesting itself of its non-railway properties and in 1988 Strathcona House was purchased by 144617 Canada Inc., a subsidiary of Les Jardins De La Montagne Inc., to be redeveloped as a condominium.  On the 30th of November 1988 Condominium Plan No. 882 2813 was registered.

Initially most of the units in the condominium were sold to non-resident investors in Central Canada.  Kenpier Investments Ltd., a company associated with Les Jardins De La Montagne Inc., held proxies from most of the non-resident owners and thereby controlled the association’s Board of Directors.  By the early 1990’s the favorable tax treatment of multi-unit residential building investments was being eliminated and the increasing number of units were being sold to resident owners.  In 1995 the resident owners were able to gain control of the Board of Directors.  At that time the Board voted to continue to have on-site management, a policy continued to this day.